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Things to know to choose right codes of beach wedding dresses

These days a lot of would-be couples opt for pristine white beach weddings in exotic sites since beaches could make entertaining and fashionable weddings which are also not traditional and meanwhile differ from those in churches. It is absolutely thrilling to exchange vows in a fantastic view. However, can’t it become tricky and confusing to […]

What I learn after choosing short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular and are leading new trends in the fashion world today. An increasing number of people are choosing them as bridal gowns. Many women like them for they are practical yet gorgeous. Draping a traditional long dress is really a tiring job especially in hot days. Besides, […]

How to find perfect plus size wedding dresses

Finding perfect plus size wedding dresses can bother plump women a lot. The following five advices may help them turn it into a piece of cake. Have an acknowledgment of your body shape. Only when you know yourself well can you pick out perfect plus size wedding dresses. For example, a curvier figured woman will […]